The truffle ground


Four important people for the truffle ground:

My father, Pierino. Great hunter, he was able to perceive my passion for the truffles so he took the license as truffle seeker, bought our first dog and together we started to go outside looking for truffles. Years after he motivated me to buy our first little field which today is part of our truffle groud.


My uncle Giovanni Battista, my father’s brother, born in 1913. Since when he was eight years old he has been a truffle seeker and a truffle dog breeder… I have learnt so much from him, especially about the correct way to communicate with the dog, my mate in the truffle search.






Egidio Gagliardi from Mombercelli, a great truffle seeker so passionate with a profound knowledge of the truffle world. His advices have been and still are very precious to me for the correct management of the truffle ground.








Doctor Edmondo Bonelli, environmental consultant, graduated in Natural Science. The truffle cultivation is a difficult activity engaging for the whole year. Making a mistake with the pruning or not being able to recognize the abundance or the shortage of an element in the ground may compromise the whole season or even cause worse damages. Edo follows me through all this with his support and I am really glad and satisfied of his assistance!