Who am I

Looking for truffles is an ancient activity in our lands.
The memories hold in the village elderly’s minds together with the stories they tell, as it often happens, are a mixture of reality and fantasy difficult to unravel.
Of course, some time ago the truffle did not have a “market” like today, it did not create and help to promote tourism, catering and fairs and the methods of cultivation of our lands encouraged the development of truffle plants.
All this meant that there were many more places suitable for truffles to grow and less “trifulao” (truffle seekers) or at least they were all local people.
Therefore truffles were much more and could be found easily !!
And what about today?…
Today we discuss about the taxation and the traceability of the truffle, about the name to be given to the product and even about the rights of reservists and of free seekers, about consumer protection and import of truffles from EU countries and non-EU countries.
I think all this already gives the idea of how the world of truffles has changed (even worsened?!?).
Thirty years as a free seeker: years I lived with passion, full of satisfaction but also of some disappointments; years that remain for me a beautiful memory made of nights spent around valleys, dogs that have accompanied me in these raids like Leo, Bobi or my favorite one, Lisa.
And then many events lived in the meadows, in the woods, to dig with the hoe trying to understand the movements of the dog, all this gave me the experience of the old “trifulao”.
After thirty years I became “tartuficoltore” (truffle expert and grower). Why? I have thirty years more on my shoulders that weigh a lot …
Today I am a truffle grower: it means that I have a piece of my land (land dedicated exclusively to truffles), which I work during the year with the aim of helping the development of white truffles which, during the season, I always seek with the help of my dogs.
My truffle ground is a valley with an area of 7 hectares where there were already many truffle plants and where I planted other ones, mainly poplars and lindens.
Recently I have built a shed where, in the cold season, at the end of the search you rest in the heat near the stove with a glass of good wine and maybe a slice of salami.
This is my new way of experiencing the world of truffles, different from the first one in many ways, of course!
But just as interesting and varied because the truffle is so “magical” and fascinating that it manages to thrill in any way you approach it.
My dogs:
Gilda e Vito
The last arrived, Bill in training
My two champions
 Bobi (Season 1992 – 1999)   and the unforgettable  Lisa (Season 2006 – 2016)